Kamassa' - Chickasaw Elder at Museum of Urban & Contemporary Art

Showing at Museum of Urban & Contemporary Art in Munich, Germany in a group exhibition titled: 'IMAGO: a history of portraits'.  July 18th – November 4th, 2018.

'IMAGO: a history of portraits' is curated by Elisabetta Pajer of laNori Managment.  IMAGO is a show dedicated to the history of the portrait: over 30 artists from five different continents are invited to pay homage and interpret a portrait in their medium of their choice. IMAGO aims to lead visitors through different artistic eras, helping discover the international history and evolution of the portrait.

Title: Kamassa'
Medium: Bronze - lim. ed. of 10
Size: 12" h x 8" w x 6" d
Year: 2018

About my work: Portraiture in context of sculpture and form - referencing the masterpieces from both European Classical and Neoclassical time periods. From a cultural mirror of taking inspiration from Gods and Goddess of the ancient world, my sculpture's subject is focused on a contemporary Chickasaw Elder. Using portraiture as a means of Cultural Preservation but equally re-appropriating classic sensibilities of art history to a Native Cultural narrative.

Artists include:  Jef Aerosol, ASKEW ONE, Borondo, Vesod Brero, Martha Cooper, DALeast, Paola Delfin, Anna Piera Di Silvestre, Andreas Englund, Evoca 1, Ricky Lee Gordon, Hubertus Hamm, Handiedan, Icy&Sot, Addison Karl, Know Hope, Klone Yourself, Fintan Magee, Mario Mankey, Marco Mazzoni, Antony Micallef, Miss Van, Nychos, Sepe, David Shillinglaw, Søren Solkær, Sten Lex, SWOON, TelmoMiel, & TWOONE

Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art

Hotterstraße 12
80331 Munich/Germany