'IMAGO' A History of Portraits - Group Exhibition

Opening day is the 18th of July, 2018

MUCA - Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art
Hotterstraße 12 - 80331 Munich/Germany

I have been invited to exhibit at:

IMAGO is a show dedicated to the history of Portrait: 25 artists are invited to pay homage and interpret a portrait of their choice and medium. Artists are encouraged, but not obligated to choose a significant reference portrait from their own country and of any historical time. IMAGO aims to lead the museum visitors through different artistic eras, helping discover the international history and evolution of the portrait.

An exhibition curated by laNori Management for MUCA (Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art) Munich, Germany.

Over 30 artists have been encouraged, to choose a reference portrait from their own country, cultural heritage and of any historical time, introducing the visitor to a journey consisting of many stories and focusing on the evolution of the history of the portrait in different art fields.