Knoxville - Community Focused Public Art Commission - Coming Soon

I have been recently commissioned by the City of Knoxville to create a new Public Art Contemporary Mural at the Market Square Garage.

In continuation with my ongoing theme of mural work pertaining to humanity, culture and community engagement, I have been recently engaging with the local communities to focus on local people. Creating a composition that brings interaction, ownership, movement, and energetic vibrancy to the Market Square Garage Mural.

Engaging the community to take part in the process of the mural creates ownership and pride for their public spaces. With the diversity of the people from the local community, it will reflect the diversity among the residences of Knoxville. Expanding the artistic merit of Strong Alley to add another valuable piece of public artwork. Inviting members directly from the local community to be the subject matter of the figurative elements of my composition will be one of the focal points of this art commission. This action is vital in my artistic process to help connect with the community as well carry the inspiration of the spirit of Knoxville into my painting.

We are in the phase of working with different local communities to foster a selection pool of photos that will be the inspiration for the final painting. The painting phase will begin in July 2019, and I can not wait to start working on this next aspect of the project.

*Concept Artwork & Line Drawings of Knoxvillians

*Concept Artwork & Line Drawings of Knoxvillians

Addison Karl